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Company Profile

Konmart is a well-established shipping company, manned by professionals and is active in all Israeli ports, with branches in the ports of Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat
Company Profile
Company Profile

Konmart was established as a private company in 1991. Through the years of serving its customers, Konmart has provided ample proof in a variety of ways of its innovative ability. It was the first Israeli shipping company to establish itself in the ports of the former Soviet Union, at first offering conventional shipping services. Within a short time, it pioneered the introduction of container liner services to lzmail, and from there to all Danube ports. In recent years, it has won the recognition of many shipping companies, including those of Eastern Europe, who consider it to be the best company to represent their interests in Israel.

Nowadays, Konmart is a well-established shipping company, staffed by professionals and holds an activity in all Israeli ports, having branches in the ports of Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat.

Konmart has access to many industries on the Israeli business scene, including importers and exporters of raw materials and manufactured products. Together with its holding company, Eurochem Shipping, Konmart is a leading figure in both Israeli and worldwide maritime shipping. It has expanded its activity to encompass over 500 freight forwarders, ship agents, chartering brokers and shipping companies, transforming its once local operations to a truly multimodal international transportation network.

Konmart (Ship Agents) Ltd. since 1st of may 2009, is the general agent of the shipping arm of UNIKO's group in Israel, which serves all the import and export requirements of the chemicals Israeli market, through Chernship B.V. (Dutch affiliated company). Most tankers are newly built with full stainless-steel tanks, enabling shipment of various liquids in bulk (acids, oils and chemicals).


Our chartering department provides sea transportation for liquid bulk cargoes as well as for all types of dry cargoes such as general cargoes, dry bulk cargoes, projects, oversized cargoes and long term contracts.

Konmart (Ship Agents) Ltd. also provides ship agency services and renders dependable and professional services as Agents for chemicals vessels calling all Israeli ports.Konmart's expertise is in all types of chemical tankers, gas and oil camers, general cargo, loading / discharging
operations, all in addition to its regular container services.


Konmart (Ships Agent) Ltd. has very good connection in all Israeli ports (Haifa, Ashdod, Ashkelori and Eilat) with shippers and with the port authorities.


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